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Deep in the South-American continent, crafted by nature over the Colombian Andes mountains, enriched by  a volcanic tropical soil, under delicate balance will grow our Saviandina organic Cannabis plants.

Savia , by definition is the pure extract or elixir that allows nutrition to the cells, giving energy and vitality. Andina, refers to its origins, at the Andes mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, with  exotic volcanic soils rich in organic materials, that under balanced natural light, humidity and temperature give rise to our pure , organic Cannabis plants


Our mission is to become the best organic cannabis supplier by excellence in the continent, characterized by the purity and quality of our medical standardized cannabis oils in an environment and community friendly process


Saviandina organics products will be recognized worldwide by its purity and premium quality as they are naturally and organically produced in the Colombian Andes with the highest industry standards 


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Saviandina organics

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