About Us


Saviandina Organics S.A.S. is a Colombian company comprised of a multidisciplinary team who are dedicated to growth, manufacture, research and education of medical Cannabis and its derivatives. Saviandina Organics takes advantage of the natural resources of the Antioquia region famous for its great weather conditions to grow flowers. Based on our previous experience on this field in different countries and our outstanding business and scientific team, we are highly confident in our success.

We have identified the highest quality strains, adapted to the unique high-altitude equatorial regions of Antioquia, Colombia. Some advantages of sun-grown cannabis grows are lower carbon footprints, much lower costs of production, and full sun spectrum exposure, yielding a wider variety of high quality CBD's. Our goal is to produce the highest quality medical grade plants, focusing upon rarer CBD derivatives.

SaviAndina Organics Colombia



Our mission is to become the best organic medical cannabis supplier on the continent, characterized by the purity and quality of our medical standardized cannabis oils in an environment and community-friendly process.



Saviandina organics products will be recognized worldwide by their purity and premium quality as they are naturally and organically produced in the Colombian Andes with the highest industry standards .


Colombia is uniquely positioned to dominate the Global Cannabis Cultivation Market. With low production costs (less than 20 cents per gram versus Canadian producers at $1.25/gram or higher), ideal climate for producing highly demanded NLD and WLD (Narrow Leaf Drugs – Wide Leaf Drugs), a large pool of skilled, low cost agricultural labor, highly developed logistic chains, recognized quality genetics, and a highly supportive central government, Colombia will dominate global markets for cannabis production.

Further, the International Board for the Control of Narcotics recently assigned Colombia a quota equal to 44% of global medicinal cannabis production authorized by the board. Saviandina Organics plans to leverage Colombia’s outside quotas to export cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes to legal markets throughout the world, initially focusing onCanada, Australia and Germany. 

When the United States legalizes the use and commercialization of cannabinoids at the Federal level and as markets become globalized, Colombia will be perfectly positioned to target the US and European markets.